Biotarium I its the first approachable definition to the whole Biota mythology. Here you can learn about the few Bioto species discovered so far.

Descriptions and definitions
"The Biotos are unicellular microorganisms responsible for human emotions"
Biota Studios uses them to bring life into its animations
Biota lividus
"It was the first discovered Bioto. It's only presence inspires"
Produces: Admiration, amazement and imsomnia due to excess motivation.
Seen in Fantasy, Action & Adventure animations. Making people go... WOW!
Biota rossus
"Rossus has multiple caudal micro-capsid for high reproduction rate.
(May play an important role in virality)"
Has been described surprise, agressiveness, stress, startling.
Even fear and anger as a side effect in some people.
Biota rosa
"Rosa's main characteristic are its beautiful flagella that it uses to attract"
Experiments have shown subjects influenced by Rosa that are able to watch an animation over and over without losing interest.
Highly associated with Promos, Romance and Porn.
Biota amarellus
"With its long flagella reaches great speeds that allows Amarellus create convincing illusions"
It's difficult to observe, even with special microscopes. But its effects has been described:
Curiosity, uncertainty, doubt, deceit, naiveté, persuasion.
There are people who, under Amarellus influence, believe anything.
Associated with Fantasy and Adventure features
Biota viride

"No one knows how Viride activates dormant synapses in our brain. Revealing hidden memories that elicit intense emotional reactions"

Induces: Nostalgia, melancholy, sadness, sorrow.
Some people exposed to Viride can't let go and get depressed.

These emotions are found n historical pieces, Documentaries, Dramas and Tragedies.
Biota solum

"One dominant nucleus. Symbolizes the present, it grounds our feet "
Induces: Balance, peacefullness, harmony, tranquility.
In excess may induce passivity and hippies
Has been associated with Dramas, self improvement yoga and transcendental meditation videos.
Biota caelum
"Caelum is so charismatic, just by looking at it we giggle. Transmits innocence"
It's highly contagious. Causes: Laugh, joy, tender feelings.
In sentitive people urinary incontinence has been described.
It's found in Comedies of any kind, frecuently associated with Family features.
Biota aborior
"Has a predominant upper hemibioto that produces major hope effects"
Also produces: Optimism, hope, enthusiasm, stamina and the ability to focus on half full glass.
There are people with money problems that under Aborior influence buy lottery tickets.
Greatly used in Action genre.
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