This is a short film featuring Andrés Iniesta made for Helados Kalise in Barcelona, Spain. It has a longer live action section that our director David Guillén did but it is cut out here for promotional purposes. Designed and animated by Biota Studios in Caracas, Bogotá and Barcelona.

"Illusion", it's Kalise's facebook campaign starred by a cartooned Andrés Iniesta.
It's a Christmas tale for all ages.
Client: Kalise
Production Company: Mirandoalmar
Dir: David Guillén
Dir: Reinaldo Mendoza
Production: Glenis Días
Animation: Willbert Álvarez, Reinaldo Mendoza
3D Models and Rigging: Francisco Morales
Compositing: Marisol Ramírez, David Rodríguez, Reinaldo Mendoza
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